Travel With Us

Travel With Us

Travel with us resized_2Travel is fascinating, adventurous, educational and fun. It also represents an opportunity to give back and do some good in the world. “Voluntourism” (fusing travel with volunteer efforts) is a key focus of Vet Treks trips.
Our volunteers include veterinarians, veterinary students and technicians, and shelter workers. A portion of your costs are tax-deductible, and CE opportunities are available in some locations.

Not Just for Veterinary Pros

Though veterinary participation is our core focus, our projects also need the extra hands of dedicated non-veterinary crewmembers. Dr. Lisa McCarthy, our founder and project director will train and guide crew members in the skills needed to participate in team efforts. Everyone can contribute!

Travel with us Resized_1Both Work and Play

Following our community projects, it is our hope that you will linger in our host countries to enjoy the amazing adventures they offer. In all project locations we have established partnerships with reputable tour partners who can arrange any level of trip extension you desire. By combining your international development work with adventure, you will gain a complete experience in the destination country.


Boy With a Pup | Vet Treks Foundation

From Kenya 2016

Dogs are not as popular as cats. Perhaps, a 14th-century rabies epidemic contributed to the current cultural norm. Yet, during a 2016 Trek in Kenya, Simon took the opportunity to show a group of children how to tenderly and respectfully treat the very puppy they dragged in.

Experience this yourself! Join Vet Treks Foundation’s service trip to Kenya in 2019. Learn more now!



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