About Us

About Us

Foundation2While the short term goal of Vet Treks Foundation is to address urgent animal welfare issues in our target areas, the long range mission is to support the expansion of veterinary services in areas of need in order to create improvements in animal welfare far into the future.

The presence of permanent veterinary services in developing communities brings many positive changes. These include:

  • Improved animal health and decreased animal suffering
  • Improved production from food animals
  • Improved food security for families
  • Improved labor capacity of draft animals
  • Improved market access for farmers’ food and animal products
  • Improved public health due to decreased transmission of animal-to-human diseases
  • Improved local economies due to the multiplier effect of local businesses (in the form of the veterinary practice and related tangential services)


Foundation1In many developing countries veterinary services are not widely available. However, changes in global commerce, local economic improvements and culture have brought about dramatically increased demand for animal care services in our target countries (currently Kenya and Vietnam).

The Vet Treks Foundation will support the development of expanded veterinary services in communities that are lacking.


Here Are Some of the Ways We Can Help

  • Provide medical and business training, as well as equipment, supplies or other implements of veterinary practice to local veterinarians
  • Provide educational materials about the benefits of animal care to schools and to the animal-owning public
  • Sponsor licensed, qualified veterinarians from underserved areas to travel abroad for educational opportunities
  • Send veterinarians to lecture and teach current standard of care to veterinary students and practicing veterinarians in developing countries
  • Sponsor education costs for foreign veterinary students who will practice in underserved areas
  • Fundraise or identify financial assistance and/or facilitation of financing for veterinarians who open practices where there are no animal care services


How You Can Help

Make a tax-deductible donation to Vet Treks Foundation
Make an in-kind donation of veterinary equipment or supplies
Participate in one of our service trips (a portion of your costs are tax-deductible)

Vet Treks Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation registered in the State of Colorado.

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